What Can We Do About Back Pain

31 million Americans suffer from general back pain. There are 33 bones in the spine. The spine is responsible for protecting so much of our nervous system which doesn’t reside in the skull. For 72 years we live a life full of motion and activity that places a great deal of demand on our backs. Is it a surprise that so many Americans are afflicted with back pain? It’s unenjoyable to say the least which is why I have directed so many of my family and friends to the chiropractor in Cumming. It’s amazing how many of them are hesitant at first.

Perhaps it’s understandable. Nearly a decade ago the profession was rife with individuals who were untrained, uneducated and generally wreaked havoc. It has caused a general sense of distrust for Chiropractors who, these days, are not anything like they used to be. I’ve worked in a very physically demanding job for the past year and a half. In that year and a half I have been forced to realize that without proper range of motion techniques that take advantage of physical ergonomics that I was causing damage to my spine. 33 bones. Any damage to a single one of these bones can cause paralysis, severe pain and even more.

It’s better to avoid that, isn’t it? That means appropriate exercise, dieting and making a habit of proper posture and motions. There’s a reason that every warehouse in the United States places an important on proper lifting and moving techniques. It’s rough on the spine if you don’t. Most back pain occurs for those over 62 years old and by then it’s almost too late to do anything about it. The damage has been done. At that point all you can do is mitigate the amount of pain that you experience.