Pain Can Happen with Minor Accidents Too

I was in a car accident not all that long ago, but you really would not be able to tell. It seemed more like a fender bender when you look at the damage to my car. There were just a few scrapes and a crushed bumper, and a tail light was taken out. I was wearing my seat belt, so I thought that I was just feeling sore from being jostled around a bit. I initially dismissed my thought about seeing a Fort Myers chiropractor because it just didn’t seem possible that I had sustained more damage than what was obvious to the eye, but I changed my mind when the pain did not go away.

When I called the local chiropractor’s office and explained that I was in pain from a car accident, they urged me to come in that day. Once I got there, it was explained to me that what meets the eye is not always the entire picture, particularly when a body has been through what mine had. It did not matter that the impact was not major enough to send anyone to the hospital.

There was an X-ray machine there at the office, and they were able to get all the imaging that they needed for the chiropractor to make a treatment plan for me. He was able to show me on the X-rays why I was in so much pain, and he also assured me that his plan would have me feeling good in less time than what I was probably thinking. He was right too. I had a series of adjustments done throughout the next several weeks, and I also had massage therapy done at least once a week. Between those two things, I definitely was feeling better than I thought I would in a very short period of time.