I Needed Quick Help for My Son’s Tooth Problem

My son came into my room yesterday morning and cried next to the bed. I jolted awake and sat up straight in bed immediately. I grabbed him, worried that he had fallen down. I asked what was wrong, and he pointed to his mouth. I looked inside and saw a very large abscessgrowing out of the side of one of his gums. I got up and called a Tracy dentist right away. An abscessis never a good thing for anyone, and certainly not good for a small boy of only 7 years old.

I thought I would need to beg for an appointment for my son, but the dentist’s office said that I should bring him in immediately when they heard he had an abscess. I breathed a sigh of relief. Since it was early morning, I knew that my little boy would be hungry. He definitely was, but he refused to eat his favorite cereal because of the pain. I quickly made him soft oatmeal and rushed to take a shower so that I could get ready. I heard him whimpering when I was in the shower. It broke my heart. He is the sweetest thing, and I hated to know that he was in pain.

The dentist was great with my son. He even let me come into the room while he was being worked on. I was able to keep him calm and relaxed. What was even better is that the dentist has a TV that hangs from the ceiling so that when children are getting worked on, they can watch cartoons on the TV above them in the chair. I had to laugh when my son forgot about being worked on and giggled repeatedly at things he saw in the cartoon. It made me feel so good to know that a business has these things in place to help calm kids down.