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Found a Guy to Fix My Back

I used to have a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA and I was pretty happy with him. My problems arose from playing all sorts of sports for most of my life. In high school I played lacrosse, football and basketball, then I went to college there on a lacrosse scholarship. I was pretty good at it, but I got hurt a lot. In fact everyone gets hurt playing lacrosse, it is a sport where guys run around swinging a big stick. There is not much way for you can avoid getting hurt, the problems that I had involved being injured and that is a completely different thing. You can keep right on playing when you are hurt, assuming that you are tough enough. In fact if you are not tough, then you really do not last too long in the game of lacrosse. They certainly do not give you a college scholarship if you are soft. » Read more: Found a Guy to Fix My Back