What Can We Do About Back Pain

31 million Americans suffer from general back pain. There are 33 bones in the spine. The spine is responsible for protecting so much of our nervous system which doesn’t reside in the skull. For 72 years we live a life full of motion and activity that places a great deal of demand on our backs. Is it a surprise that so many Americans are afflicted with back pain? It’s unenjoyable to say the least which is why I have directed so many of my family and friends to the chiropractor in Cumming. It’s amazing how many of them are hesitant at first.

Perhaps it’s understandable. Nearly a decade ago the profession was rife with individuals who were untrained, uneducated and generally wreaked havoc. » Read more: What Can We Do About Back Pain

Toothache Leads to One Extraction and an Implant

I woke up in the middle of the night not long ago in a lot of pain. I had never had a toothache like this before, and there was nothing I could do other than take some pain medication for it since there are no dentists open at that hour. I knew I would never be able to get back to sleep, so I went online to see if there was a dentist in Aurora that was cose to me and also would be open soon. I was able to find one dentist who was able to see me that morning once they were open, and I got over there pretty quick.

I am not one to really enjoy going to the dentist, but this was the worst toothache ever, and I just wanted to get some relief. » Read more: Toothache Leads to One Extraction and an Implant

Pain Can Happen with Minor Accidents Too

I was in a car accident not all that long ago, but you really would not be able to tell. It seemed more like a fender bender when you look at the damage to my car. There were just a few scrapes and a crushed bumper, and a tail light was taken out. I was wearing my seat belt, so I thought that I was just feeling sore from being jostled around a bit. I initially dismissed my thought about seeing a Fort Myers chiropractor because it just didn’t seem possible that I had sustained more damage than what was obvious to the eye, but I changed my mind when the pain did not go away.

When I called the local chiropractor’s office and explained that I was in pain from a car accident, they urged me to come in that day. » Read more: Pain Can Happen with Minor Accidents Too

I Needed Quick Help for My Son’s Tooth Problem

My son came into my room yesterday morning and cried next to the bed. I jolted awake and sat up straight in bed immediately. I grabbed him, worried that he had fallen down. I asked what was wrong, and he pointed to his mouth. I looked inside and saw a very large abscessgrowing out of the side of one of his gums. I got up and called a Tracy dentist right away. An abscessis never a good thing for anyone, and certainly not good for a small boy of only 7 years old.

I thought I would need to beg for an appointment for my son, but the dentist’s office said that I should bring him in immediately when they heard he had an abscess. I breathed a sigh of relief. Since it was early morning, I knew that my little boy would be hungry. » Read more: I Needed Quick Help for My Son’s Tooth Problem